What if our choices

changed the fate of the world?

“Careful what you ask for,” said the wiry old woman stooped over on park bench with streaked grey hair and bent withered finger. Her loose knitted shawl barely covered her shoulders and Kaylah saw goosebumps erupting over her arms, reminding her of an uncooked chicken about to go into the oven. Kaylah’s hairs stood up on the nap of neck. They hadn’t said anything as they walked past the woman, why would she say that?

Kaylah turned away, pretending she had heard nothing and nudged Mary who was staring at the old woman like she had just fled the ghetto and was in desperate need of help. Somehow, Kaylah got the sense that this woman was anything but in need of their help. Despite her feeble appearance, the glint in those eyes was piercing and powerful.
“Come on,” she whispered to Mary, “We’ll miss the train.”
Exerpt from Awakening Tír na nÓg

And so it goes… was her meeting fate or yet another choice Kaylah unconsciously made over and over again until she wove her fate?

Nyssa Baschel asks these questions and more through fantasy and science fiction.

Novels coming soon…

Psytellexion Chronicles

Fate Bound

Contemporary Tales of the Tuatha Dé Dannan

Awakening Tír na nÓg

Short Stories

The Protégée

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